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Welcome to our Pre-K Program. The best Pre-K Programs inspire children to be curious about how things work, how to find answers to problems and to spark a lifelong love of learning.  At Joyful Praise Academy is the number one goal for our students! Our early childhood education classroom is designed as a learning community, where your child will not only build skills vital to success in kindergarten, but also learn respect for others, and gain a strong sense of confidence.

The Preschool program provides a focus on:

  • Fostering independence 
  • Cooperation & communication skills 
  • Hands-on learning 
  • Creative Arts 
  • Language 
  • Literacy 
  • Logic & Reasoning 
  • Early Math 

The Joyful Praise

Academy Difference

At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, your infant will receive the quality care and attention they need to grow into healthy and happy individuals. We’ll work with your child to achieve developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, so they acquire their foundational skills at an early age. Our childcare specialists also provide quality toddler programspre-school programs, and school-age programs for children throughout Georgia who are looking to continue their developmental growth at every age. If you’re ready to take the next step in your infant’s education, contact Joyful Praise Academy today!