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" I Highly Recommend Them "

"My oldest started attending Joyful Praise Academy at 6 months and I have witnessed his progression from the Infant Room to Preschool. Each of his teachers has been wonderful, caring and kept him developmentally on track for his age. My youngest started at 6 weeks and she has flourished as well. Joyful Praise Academy has been a loving, nurturing, and educational environment for my children for the past 4 years. I highly recommend them for parents looking for quality care and learning for their children."
The Willis Family

" I Know They All Love My Son "

"When I first moved to GA in 2013 I didn’t have a daycare to place my 2-year-old son. I happened to stumble upon Joyful Praise Academy because it was 3 exits away from the job I was going to be starting. Coming from FL the weekly fee here was a bit surprising to me but I enrolled my son anyways. My son learned so much during his first couple of months of being there. Ms. Carmen is an excellent teacher! They cook all the meals there at the center which I think is great. My son is now in Pre-K and the teacher they had Ms. Tiffany was Wonderful!! I was so sad when she left, but my son continues to learn more and more each day. I am confident that he will excel once he starts Kindergarten. Mrs. Iysha and Ms. Chawanda make me feel like family when I come in, always greeting me with a Good Morning and Have a Good day. I hope the center continues to grow! I have switched jobs and I continue to send my son here even though my commute is an hour and a half away. I know they all love my son and take good care of him!!"

Anica Ledgister

" I Think This Is A Great Facility "

"On my first visit to the JPA facility I was very impressed by the way the kids were lined up in their uniforms with their hands to their side and so obedient. They didn’t say a word until told to do so. I had been to several other facilities that day but had not seen anything like this. That is when I knew that was the place I wanted my baby to go. I also noticed that it was a very clean and organized facility. Not to mention the price was very reasonable for the area. My son has been going there for 4 years now and he has learned so much! He is constantly singing songs he has learned around the house and telling me things he has learned such as sign language, Spanish, and days of the week. Miss Carmen and Miss Iysha are both great with the kids and Miss Chawanda is very professional. So far I have referred two people who are also very happy with JPA and will continue to refer others because I think this is a great facility and feel very comfortable with leaving my child there. I only hope I get this lucky when I have to find a school for him next year."


"The Teachers Are Beyond Great"

My son has been attending JPA for 8 months now and I Love It. The teachers are beyond great and understanding in every aspect. The day I came to tour the daycare I knew right away, this was the daycare my son would be attending. The energy of everyone was so pleasant and made me feel @ ease considering he had been to 2 precious daycares that were horrible. The facility is very clean and the rooms are nicely decorated. Also, the learning curriculum is OUTSTANDING, my son has learned so much over the past months; just to name a few: grace, thank you, yes mam, no mam, ABC's, count to 20, and much more. If your looking for a caring, clean, peaceful, and loving environment looks no further! JPA is a GREAT daycare and so are the staff 🙂

Travia Guess

"It Feels Warm, Relaxing, And Comforting"

I am new to Georgia and was very skeptical about my child attending childcare; especially after all of the Horrible stories; regarding children being left, treated badly, and or abused. I have been “scouting” centers for 3 months now. I popped up at Joyful Praise Academy without warning on 3 different occasions, to see how things are handled without notice. Each time I was impressed with the professionalism, cleanliness, the willingness to assist me, and the warm feeling that my child and I were remembered. My child has been at Joyful for 5 months now, and he ABSOLUTELY adores the staff and his friends. It feels warm, relaxing, and comforting to leave my child at a place where I have NO DOUBT that he is WELL taken care of…..


" I Am So Grateful For Them All "

I absolutely LOVE Joyful Praise Academy. My daughter has been there since she was a baby and I would never want her anywhere else. Miss Chawanda, Miss Iysha, and Miss Carmen are truly more than just associates there, they truly love all of the kids. I have been to several daycares and they don’t know the kids as well as parents names, Joyful Praise Academy know everyone. I am so grateful for them all and I would, as a matter of fact, I have recommended the school and I will continue to.


" My Son Absolutely Adores All Of The Care Givers "

I absolutely love Joyful Praise Academy. My son has been coming here since he was 6 weeks old and he‘s almost 4 now. They have always taken such good care of him and he has learned so much in a short time. They take children’s education very seriously. The environment is always clean and colorful. They are always bringing in great and fun or educational functions for the children. They taught him sign language, colors, shapes, numbers, animals, the alphabet, reading and writing. He has learning respect, morals and how to play and properly interact with other kids. They were instrumental in potty-training Evan and getting us through those difficult growing phases. They always provide delicious, healthy meals and snacks for the kids daily and the parent on special occasions. My son absolutely adores all of the caregivers. They are like family to us and I feel blessed to have an amazing facility to help me raise my son.